Meet some of the church...


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Charlie and Emma Newcombe

Charlie Newcombe is the pastor of our church. He is married to Emma and they have three daughters. He was ordained in the Church of England in 2007, and has ministered in Wimbledon, Brussels and Cambridge.

David and Hannah Casey

We have been married for 44 years, have two children and one granddaughter. We have lived in Warboys, a village near Huntingdon, for 40 years. Having many links to Huntingdon, churches and the wider community, we are excited at this opportunity to share the gospel, in a town and an area that we know well.

Lizzie Dunn

I grew up in a village 10 minutes away from Huntingdon and after 12 years away, I moved back to the area. My work is based in Huntingdon, which was a big draw for me. I'm really excited about having the opportunity to share the gospel with the people of Huntingdon, alongside other people in our new church.

Sam and Sarah Hardy

Sam is a financial advisor and I (Sarah) am a teacher. We were recently married in July and are now settling into a new community in Godmanchester and a new church family at Christ Church Huntingdon. We are looking forward to using our gifts to serve the church and meeting new people. We share a love of rowing and would love to get involved in Huntingdon Rowing Club.

Katie and Johnny Pawlett

We have lived in Cambridgeshire since we got married 6 years ago and moved to Hartford in Spring 2018. Johnny is a primary school teacher and Katie is a structural engineer. We love watching sports, trying new food recipes, playing music and going on walks. We’re really looking to forward to getting to know the area and to Christ Church Huntingdon starting.

Nathan Brown

I was born and grew up in Birmingham with Christian parents who taught me who Jesus is. Whilst at university, I saw what knowing Jesus and following him personally meant. Since then, I have interned for a church in central Cambridge, trained as a Maths teacher near Ely (though not completed) and now work as a computer programmer on niche accounting software. I have a terrible sense of humour to add to love of Jesus, people and maths, and look forward to combining the latter three as treasurer for Christ Church Huntingdon.

Jamie Brooke

I work in Papworth for Cambridge Assessment as a fork lift driver and I am a 'fairly average' footballer. I have lived in Cambridge for 25 years, having moved with my parents in 1992. Joining Christ Church Huntingdon is an opportunity to grow in my faith and really get stuck in to serving the church and the community, as we reach out to those who do not yet know Christ.

Ben and Jo

Ben and I (Jo) became Christians about 6 years ago, during our undergrad studies. We met at Uni, where we both studied Biochemistry. Ben has left Science to work in the Civil Service and I work in Scientific research. Ben is keen on racquet sports, reading and cooking. I play bass guitar occasionally and enjoy watching films.